Translish is back!

Translish is back!

Translish is back! People who worked with us back in 2017 have been invited in this channel; And they are aware of the process, why translators should choose Translish, and why employers should choose Tranlish to find their favorite translators.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of February when we decided to reopen Translish, we invited new professional translators to work with us. So, in this post, we will write about aspects such as the nature of our platform, who we are, how we work, what we expect from each other, and what is ahead of us.

Translish is a platform-based translation agency which helps translators without borders to find translation projects, and translation clients to find their favorite translators.

Translish was established in 2014 by two students of linguistics and translation, and a programmer with an investment of around $10, which was used to purchase the internet domain and the first online advertising.

Shortly after, we decided to do something unusual for online businesses: to allow our customers to pay after the translation was delivered. It was certainly a risk, but we firmly believed that trust should always be mutual. Time has proven us right: thousands of clients have appreciated this approach and rewarded us with their loyalty. Since its founding, and without any external capital, Translish has ended every financial year with a net profit, and Pay After Delivery is now a consolidated model.

For the last 8 years we have been growing at a steady rate, upgrading our system by changing server three times, programming language, hiring better translators.

In Translish, we connect the client directly to the translator, we gave the client the freedom to choose the translator, choose the rate, choose the time, and choose the payment method, while the translator also benefits from this way of working. At Translish we are not only a team, but a family contributing to a more modern and advanced world, and indeed an easier place to live.

Translish, just after three years after its establishment in 2014, with the beginning of sanctions in Iran, we decided to end our work. Until we come back in February 2023 with big changes in this translation platform.


♻️ What are the changes?

1. Our site is redesigned to a multi-user system in PHP language.

2. The users themselves are allowed access to change the user profile and update it.

3. Now customers can create their own projects in search of a translator.

4. The Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use of the Platform have changed.

5. The feature of adding a resume to the user profile of translators.

6. The feature of direct customer-translator contact.

7. 24/7 support team.

8. More languages


⚠️ Features that will be added soon and are under design:

1. Golden tick for legal Interpreters/translators.

2. Blue tick for active translators approved by Translish.

3. The feature of receiving job certificate in Translish.

4. Iranian payment gateways, for requesting money by Iranian translators, and payment by Iranian customers.

As it's clear, we have lost many of our customers as well as translators, so the first projects may be a little late to open for you, we are trying to get back to our busy work days as soon as possible.



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